Wicked” rappresenta per l’artista torinese una celebrazione del lato più oscuro e istintivo che c’è in ognuno di noi e che spesso si vuol mettere a tacere per vergogna o convenzioni sociali.

Effimero” è un brano che tratta il tema del bullismo. Parla di come una giovane donna, in seguito ad alcuni episodi di violenza subiti in tenera età, sia diventata vittima delle proprie paure e insicurezze, che nel tempo, come "catene sporche di lacrime", l'hanno costretta a nascondere e a dimenticare quella parte forte ed istintiva che c’era in lei. Solo dopo molti anni, in modo labile ed incostante, tanto da essere definito effimero, sta ritornando in lei quella sicurezza ormai dimenticata.

 Some Regrets

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"The Snail" is about Andrew, a transgender girl who in her teens decides to embark on the courageous but difficult path of gender change from man to woman.

Through the song, Andrew fights the frustrating and oppressive feeling of constantly being in contrast with her body.

"Fireflies tears” is an autobiographical piece, supported by a strong desire for redemption from a very troubled and suffered childhood.

Dedicated to a great friend who in one period of his life has fought the dependence on the crystal meth, "Crystal" is the portrait of a young boy whom Arianna, with immense affection, sees as a fragile crystal that is letting himself go, and her frustration of not being able to avoid the loss of a very special person.

In "Bring it out" masturbation is celebrated with irony, and thanks to the engaging rhythm, the song becomes a wild dance.

“No one wins " is another extremely autobiographical piece in which the artist reproaches the repeated episodes of psychological violence suffered during her life. Quarrels and battles from which, however, nobody finally won.

"Both" is the sequel to the song "The Snail", where the protagonist Andrew has now completed the difficult path of gender change.